KUNYIT, One of the best kept “secret” spices from Indonesia (jawa).
This leaf is from a special Turmeric plant, cultivated organically locally by our team.

We are the only retailer on the Internet who can offer you now this fresh spice via our Jamu and Herbs section.

Why is it called the ” secret ” spice ?

For generations this leave is used for preparing special dishes in Sumatra. There are some recipies available, most of them are generations old, this is also one of the reasons why Daun Kunyit is not available in most Asian or Indonesian food stores.

Do you love to cook Indonesian dishes ?, Do you like to surprise your friends who love Indonesian food? This is the spice you need ! why ?

Daun Kunyit has been used for ages in recipies for fish, beef, and chicken. Just add this condiment together with your other spices for Indonesian recipies, and your ” bumbu (spices) “will have suddenly a dramatic extra taste, which will not only surprised everyboddy, but will also not be recoqnisable, simply because the tast is so wonderfull, and unknow to describe!. Keep this your ” little secret “to yourself.

We will ship out the leaves fresh and vacuum sealed, to garantee the full tastyness and freshness.
On arrival keep it in your freezer untill ready to use. One big leave can be used for 2 or 3 recipies ( Just cut it up in 2 or 3 pieces ) depending on the volume of the dish you are creating.

We will include some some recipies we have collected for the use of daun kunyit, but basicly you can use it in most Indonesian fish or chicken recipies, just add it to your sauce/spices, and let it cook a while !

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